Our crafts are made with precious companions in mind. Our crafts are made while living together with nature. Our crafts fulfill needs without extravagance. Passed on faithfully from generation to generation, Ainu tradition inspires today’s creators of Akanko Ainu Kotan, as they seek to evolve their craft and create new concepts or artisanship. AKAN AINU ARTS & CRAFTS → NEXT

Lake Akan is located in eastern Hokkaido. Currently, Akanko Ainu Kotan is home to about 120 Ainu people. While respecting tradition, many makers of Ainu arts and crafts incorporate modern concepts as they strive to create new artisanal methods. The AKAN AINU ARTS & CRAFTS → NEXT project chronicles the activities of these modern-day creators of Ainu arts and crafts.

[ Participating Creators ]

  • Embroiderer
    Katsuya Erika
  • Ainu Art and Craft Creator / Ainu Singer
    Goukon Fukiko
  • Embroidery Art Creator
    Kobayashi Keiko
  • Woodcarver
    Masaki Saito
  • Ainu Art and Craft Creator / Ainu Singer
    Shimokura Emi
  • Metal Carver
    Shimokura Hiroyuki
  • Wood Carver
    Taira Hideharu
  • Ainu Art and Craft Creator
    Taira Tomoko
  • Wood Carver
    Takiguchi Kengo
  • Wood Carver
    Toko Shusei
  • Ainu Art and Craft Creator
    Toko Midori
  • Embroidery Artist
    Nishida Kayoko
  • Wood carver
    Hikawa Kiyoshi
  • Wood Carver
    Watanabe Sumio

* In Japanese phonetic order.

General corporate judicial person Akan Ainu Consulun

Akankoonsen 4-7-19, Akancho, Kushiro City, Hokkaido
P.C.085-0467 JAPAN
[ Access from outside Hokkaido ]